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An Exclusive & Rare Invitation For Employed And Self Employed People Who Want To Start Or Grow An Online Business And Build Massive Wealth
"I'm Looking For 7 More Of My
Dream Clients..."
"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Double, Triple or 10x Your Results, Leads, Sales & Conversion Rates Over The Next 12 Months"
Daniel Costa, USA
Chris Currie, UK
Rocky Roper, UK
Jessen James, UK
June Sennon, Virgin Islands
Kevin Adjei-Frempong, UK
Jan Ferit, UK
Luis, USA
Chris Kriel, UK
Josh Van Tassel, USA
At Last! Let Me Make YOU My Next Success Story...
In the last 6 years I have been fortunate enough to generate millions of dollars in revenue by learning from some of the best and brightest business and marketing minds in the world... people behind some of the biggest online business you'll probably never hear about who would rather stay anonymous and run multi-million dollar business in the background.

I've been able to become the youngest Vice President at Barclays Bank before retiring and starting 5 different businesses and generating millions of dollars in sales.
I’m opening up and taking on 127 new private clients for 2018 to work with over the next 12 months to generate 5, 6 and even 7 figures by taking an existing business online or by starting one afresh.

This is your chance to see how I have been able to generate as much as $50,000 in a single month from a single online business.

If you like fast-results, help with your online business, want coaching, guidance, mentorship and mastermind help, and want to have some fun at the same time - read below & apply TODAY...
"There’s a reason you do what you do. I’m very impressed"
"It Quadrupled  Business"
"WOW, the leads generated paid for my college & university tuition!”
Co-founder, Newpage Technology
London, UK
I'm On A Mission...
To Impact The Lives Of 100,000 People And Help Them Leverage The Internet To Create Money, Time And Location Freedom By December 31st 2020
Hi, Tiz Gambacorta here and I have an important message...
Stop Winging It.
Instead, join my Quantum Results Mastermind group to discover proven cash-flow boosting strategies that you can “swipe” – and effortlessly implement into your business.

Once you’re inside this exclusive community (assuming you’re accepted), you’ll have all the knowledge, shortcuts, and support to quickly scale up results, explode your results online, and you’ll learn some from some the very best, coolest and most fun business people around…

All while living your purpose and enjoying more freedom to live the life you want. So if you want to…
Skyrocket Your Profits & Have Fun Doing It!
…Then pay attention to what I’m sharing with you in this page.

This is an invitation for a very special group of men and women who are on track to experience huge personal and business success.

This is your rare and exclusive opportunity to join their league… 

However, before we go on I will warn you, this isn’t for everyone!
If you’re not serious about being held accountable to gaining maximum results from your business, while doing things that you consider fun, exciting, and are passionate about, this is not for you.
If you’re not someone who is positive, supportive, teachable, and open to transformational shifts in thinking that lead to exponential growth in results – then this is not right for you.
If you’re not after helping others as well as helping yourself, then it’s best you move on because we are not a fit.
And if you believe business is a solo sport, and you do not want an extremely close-knit, inner circle of experienced, best of breed business people and coaches to help guide your business growth so you can leapfrog your results with confidence– then this is not the message for you
As you read this entire letter, you’ll realize very quickly how you can get the unfair advantage over everyone else and join me in my mission for 2020 and beyond and how you can take advantage of this Ultra-Rare opportunity…

I’m here to raise the bar, to create new success stories and to bring digital entrepreneurship to the masses here and I want you to be alongside me, side-by-side, on my stages, in my books, in my seminars to be there with me – inspiring, teaching and training thousands of others….
The Story Of  
How This All Came About...
It’s no secret that to work with me 1 to 1 PRIVATELY... Is expensive.

I charge $25,000 for a one week intensive coaching and multiples of that for one week consulting. And you know what? Every time I offer this high end consulting to my students, there has never been a shortage on takers.

Not only that, back in my banking days I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes of some of the biggest financial transactions you would have seen on TV (the purchase of Lehman Brothers by Barclays, to name one), as well as many transactions that will never forever stay secret.

As much as I LOVE transforming the lives of my students, EVEN if I WANTED to take on more Private Clients, I couldn’t.

But recently, I’ve had this dilemma:

Because I know from all the messages and the calls I receive every single week...

There are people out there who can’t afford to pay the $25,000s to work with me privately to model and grow their online business after mine...

There are also entrepreneurs who would LOVE to do one of my one-on-one private 2 day coaching, but can’t justify the $25k for a single week (including travel expenses) it costs for just FIVE days...

BUT there ARE people who would love a HIGHER LEVEL, more INTIMATE mentoring and advisory than what the private Facebook Group alone can provide...

As well as more PERSONAL attention and focus from me on their transition from employed or self-employed to online entrepreneurs...
Which brings us to the reason for this letter today, Tiz's...
Quantum Results Mastermind
I made this available to only a small handful of “A-Level” aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to add to my roster of top students.
(It’s ok if you’re not at the level of resultsyou want to be at yet, I’ll help you get there.)

You’ll also find rising online entrepreneurs and superstars destined to shape the future of our industry (maybe you’ll be one of them as well).

And if you’re accepted to take part in this no-risk invitation to experience the Quantum Results Mastermind for yourself, you’ll eliminate overwhelm and confusion out of your journey to becoming a TOP earner in your industry.

Because now you’ll have “instant access” to a multi-million dollar entrepreneur by your side to get you back on track, answer your most urgent questions when you're half-way through a difficul moment or decision, and give you that jolt of energy when you feel down.
2 Things That Make QRM Special
Time Tested And Actionable Systems And Processes
I stopped following the bullshit get-rich-quick tactics so common on blogs and forums and, instead, learned from the best academic figures and finance professionals in the field.

That got a job as a trader at a Tier 1 investment bank and started studying how REAL traders traded.

When I outgrew my "J.O.B." and decided to build serious WEALTH as an online entrepreneur, again, I learned from some of the top online entrepreneurs including being personally mentored by the likes of Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Mark Anastasi to name a few.

That got me from making $0 to making $50,000 per month in under 12 months and got me featured in the NY Times Best Selling book, The Laptop Millionaire.

I took everything I learned and put it into concrete mind maps, processes and techniques that anyone can follow to create massive results.

Just a couple of weeks ago I paid a top earner in the industry $2,000 to have a 60 minute coffee meeting and the first thing you’re getting by being part of the Quantum Results Mastermind is access to the strategies, systems, "hacks" and mindset that helped me generate $0 to 6 figures per year in less than 12 months (and over $38 million dollars for Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank prior to that).

Among them…
Multi-million dollar Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, etc
Time tested and proven DONE FOR YOU email campaigns that turn your leads into auto-pilot cash flow
Fill in the blank sales letters templates, Video Sales Letters, and simple yet irresistible"hypnotic" sales scripts...
Go beyond just being successful in business
True entrepreneurs need to see themselves as well-oiled machines primed for optimal functioning (you’ll need to be to pull off some of your big goals).

Who would you be if you owned an 7, 8 or 9 figure a year business?

What kind of habits would you have on a daily basis?

What are some habits you need to change?

The majority of entrepreneurs don’t take the time to think about this, which is one of the major reasons their success is limited.

While 80% of our content covers business, growth hacking, traffic generation, conversion rate optimization, product creation, offer selection and more…we always remember that YOUR life, YOUR body, and YOUR mind are also systems and machines that deserve love and care.

Inside my Quantum Results Mastermin innner circle, every month, I share with the group the latest insights on personal growth from some of the hottest experts on the topic.

The art of learning life is long.

Time is short.

Don’t waste it being overwhelmed and chasing 10 different things from 10 different mentors, especially people that used to make OLD money, you know the guys who will tell you they have made MILLIONS and then went broke…

The guys who try and sell you on strategies that don't work NOW…

Let me ask you this…
If Not Now, When?
Do you feel like, lately, you have less and less time to dedicate to learning and growing your business?
Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day to do the things you KNOW you should be doing to quit your J.O.B. and build your business?
Doesn't it seem like there is so much overwhelming information being through at you, so fast, that you sometimes don't know what to do next, and often times feel stuck?
Are you overwhelmed by all the "got-to's" and guilt around what you should and shouldn't be doing to scale your income?
If you said YES to any of these questions…It’s not your fault.

You’re being misled by many, misguided by all the "overnight" gurus, and it's costing you and your loved ones a fortune.

You're blindly being dragged deeper and deeper into a new Black Hole called... "overwhelm."

It's a crippling force, it's like a cancer, and it's spreading like wildfire.

Hell, I'll go as far as calling it an epidemic. And it's wiping out bank accounts like nothing I've ever seen before...

Quantum Results Mastermind to the rescue…

Three times a year, I will be working with you ONE ON ONE with you for two whole days with you either in person (you come to me) or in virtually for QRM Members ONLY.
In the past, I’ve charged as much as $20,000 for a SINGLE weekend.
These days change peoples lives and businesses FOREVER.
Here's What You Get When You Join QRM
Quantum Results Mastermind Benefit #1
Biweekly Live Online "What's Working Now" Training and Mastermind Session
Once a week, I will be hosting an exclusive PRIVATE 1 Hour Mastermind Session for my Quantum Results Mastermind Members ONLY.

In the past, my clients have paid me as much as $20,000 for a SINGLE weekend.

These sessions change peoples lives and businesses FOREVER.

The structure combines me sharing time proven and tested BEST PRACTICES on specific topics – and LIVE “deep dives" where you have an opportunity to get detailed feedback and actionable success "todos" on YOUR business. 
And the feedback you get? It's pure GOLD.

One of the REASONS WHY I am so OPEN and GIVING when working privately is because we don’t record these sessions. EVER. In other words...

What’s discussed between us – STAYS between us.

In fact, each QRM member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement – and I take it VERY seriously.

I share stuff in these sessions that I don’t share anywhere else, online or offline.

This is one of the BIGGEST values of working with me LIVE at the highest level and in-person.

I’ve arguably learned MORE from the in-person mentoring sessions I've attended – than anything else.
Quantum Results Mastermind Benefit #2
Private One-on-One Coaching With Me...Whilst Having Fun!
The moment you join QRM, I’ll ask you a series of questions about your current situation, your business and your goals. This is designed to help me understand where you are – as well as identify potential hidden opportunities and low-hanging fruits.

Together we'll establish a clear game-plan and decide where we should place our initial focus for minimum efforts and maximum results. 

I’ll review and improve on your Sales Funnel, Copy, Traffic Strategy, Lead-Gen Strategy, Back-End Strategy, or ANY other aspect you need help with in your business.

I will personally coach you myself. I’ll help transplant into your business all the strategies and tactics currently being used inside my own businesses that are currently generating up to $15k+ per day and help jump start your cash flow the right way.

This is priceless. Imagine how your business, your results and your life could change after 1 year of one on one private coaching at the highest level with a multiple 7 figure earner. This is it.

And yes, for our in-person coaching sessions we'll have them in some of the most exciting, quirky yet exclusive venues!
Quantum Results Mastermind Benefit #3
SPECIFIC Video Training Modules on Every Key Step To Build Your Business
Not only will you have the time and tested "What's Working Now" strategies and tactics, you will have the exact step by step SPECIFICS behind implementing each one of them so you make this your own and perhaps who knows, be even more successful that I have been.

For each step, I will either show you or direct you to where to source the best step by step instructions to implementing the specific step so you know exactly what to do step by step, click by click.

You and I will lay down the first milestone steps together so you know exactly where to click, what to click - I will hand hold all the way from setting up your first website, generating traffic, to making your first sale.
Quantum Results Mastermind Benefit #4
Weekly One-on-One Coaching With Me
The moment you join War Room, I’ll ask you to answer a series of questions about your business and your goals designed to help me understand where you are – as well as identify potential hidden opportunities and low-hanging fruit in your existing business.

We’ll establish a game-plan together and decide where we should place our initial focus.

I’ll review your strategies, your experience, your risk management, your mindset, how much time you have every day to trade, or ANY other question you need help with in your online business.

I will personally coach you myself.
 I’ll help transplant all the techniques currently being used inside my own accounts into your business and help jump start your profits the right way.

This is priceless. Imagine how your business, and your life will change after 1 year of private coaching with someone who went from $0 to $50,000/month within 12 month of quitting a dead-end J.O.B. This is it.

The 20min one on one coaching calls will take place at the end of every weekly mastermind session.
Quantum Results Mastermind Benefit #5
Done For You Email Marketing Campaigns And Funnels
Everyone knows EMAIL MARKETING is by far and large the most PROFITABLE way.

Most people think that if all they do is copy and past some "Done For You" email campaigns into their email system they will make all the money in the world. yet here's the truth...

The key is DONE WITH YOU - this way you are the expert, the authority behind the marketing campaign. So people buy YOU. You become "Internet Famous"...

I’ll help you design and implement a your very own email conversion funnel powered by with 11 highly converting email campaigns . Not only that…

You and I will record a live interview together to position you as a trusted authority in the marketplace.

I'll then help you leverage as a presell in your email campaigns for maximum sales conversions.

You’ll have a full blown email marketing funnel, an interview with me, 11 highly converting email campaigns...this alone is worth the entire investment in this mastermind.
Quantum Results Mastermind Benefit #6
Personal Success Implementation Coach
My two biggest secrets behind success are having a coach and an accountability partner. 

Someone who is an expert, who can answer my questions and get me going again whenever I get 'stuck'.

That's why you'll a personal 'success implementation coach' who will work with you
1-on-1 in your business, all year round throughout your QRM membership. Your coach will be online every day to answer your questions and help you implement anything that may have you feeling stuck.

He'll hold you accountable, and keep you on track getting things implemented.

STOP PRESS: For the first 83 QRM Charter Members (5 spots gone as of July 2018), I will be your coach and personal accountability partner. That's right, Tiz personally will be your coach and accountability partner.

Why am I doing this? 

I am doing this for the first few QRM Charter Members because I want to get first hand insights and experience for what gets you stuck and prevents you from succeeding in the shortest amount of time so I can keep making QRM the best fast online business implementation program for upcoming and existing online entrepreneurs.
Screw Surviving,  Here's How To Thrive...
See, after investing over 6 years of my life learning from the world’s best and investing over $100,000+ into my own education I have generated EASILY up to
$5 Million In Sales...
Would it be worth for you to invest $100,000 into me helping you craft a highly converting sales funnel automatically converts cold leads into revenue and positions you as an authority in front of the marketplace regardless of your level of experience?

It sure beats buying a franchise, paying over the nose for "operations manuals" and wasting the next 5 years of your life...

It sure beats living a life of overwhelm constantly struggling to find the "secret" system that will finally get results…

You feel me?

The thing is - this, even myself, at my level – I’m ALWAYS investing to get to the next level of my business, my 24 month goal is to...
Take 10,000 People Out of Poverty by 2020 by Teaching Them How to Leverage Doing Business On The Internet
And here’s the IMPORTANT THING :

I want to take a handful of Serious Entrepreneurs that want to either quit their J.O.B. or take their business to the next level...

Not just for themselves, but also for OTHERS...

I want to show you how people have been leveraging the internet to achieve time, money and location freedom, what's working now, behind the scenes, so you can see, model and implement...

I believe this is the “Ultimate Shortcut” for you, more about this shortcut in a bit…

I’ll tell you - how to make more in the next 12 months than you’ve made in the last 12 years…

That’s why I have a very special “EXCLUSIVE” invite for you…

I’ll tell you upfront though – while this may be for you, it’s definitely NOT for everyone.
If you long for more freedom, more income, more recognition, status, respect, power and influence in your day to day life then continue reading…
I want you to get tangible, quantifiable results over the course of a year...two years...for as long as you live! 

And the only way for you to do that is to implement what you learned in the Quantum Results Mastermind.

I was talking to my student Vijay R. – about the extreme results him and his wife and daughter could experience once they have the right shifts and start along side me in the QRM program…

I’m committed to helping him become time, money and location free in the next couple of years (or even less), I remember when I was stuck in a J.O.B. myself, one tiny shift in modelling the right mentor – and BOOM – within a few short years my results went to...
$50,000 Per Month In Less Than 12 Months
And I haven’t looked back since…

I live life on my own terms, I think that’s what Ultimate Freedom is.

How would you like Time Freedom, Money Freedom, Location Freedom?

Success is doing the things that make you happy, with no limitations.

Do you want it? How bad do you want it?...

So, use this message I’ve written to you as a wake-up call to take action NOW to make the next 12 months more profitable and exciting than your last 12 years combined!

But ONLY IF you’re a BIG thinker...thinking about changing your lifestyle to your “Dream” lifestyle.

Sick of dealing with gimmicky "free ebooks" online…sick of waiting for the "Holy Grail" "Magic Push Button" system to come in…sick and tired of always trying to figure it out on your own like Vijay before connecting with me to become a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL TOP EARNER in your industry...

He came across me online, he has invested well over $55,000+ just to learn from me in the last year….

Would it be worth to invest $55,000 in yourself to get you to generate a six and seven figure income from your online business every year?

Think about it…

Actually don’t think about it, because there’s a another handful of people reading this exact same message that you are getting…

And now you are left with a choice…
Are You Ready Quit Your J.O.B., Grow Your Business And Finally Skyrocket Your Results?
Of course you are!

The real question is, what are you going to do about it, NOW?

Truth is, not everyone can be a PRO , only the strongest, most serious and determined ones will make it…

The rest are just wishy-washers…

I know it, because I too was online reading about all sorts of "holy grail systems" that were promising to be the answer to all my problems...

"The last system or course I would have to buy", or so the website promised...

And I made a decision that day, that I will be one of the successful entrepreneurs in the world, someone who could make a difference not just for his own circumstances but also for others…

I want you to imagine: 

YOU finally breaking through

YOU finally realizing that this is your future too...

Whether you just want more money, or you want to contribute to charity, or you want to be featured on magazines and conferences as an industry leader, and heck, even charge as much as $1,000 - $50,000+ for people to come and learn from you… like I personally have…
Whatever you desire in your life and online business journey…
I Can Really Help You…
To be quite frank, I’m probably your best bet…

Do you know anyone else who has been stuck for over 9 years in a dead end corporate J.O.B. with little to no relevant business skills and hit the $50,000 per month in under 12 months with NO paid advertising?

Nope. I checked. Not a single soul/

There’s no one. Not braggging, just the truth. So you are aware.

Many "gurus" claim they went from $0 to umpteen millions of dollars and on close examination they spent that money and more on paid advertising, nothing could be further away from a profitable online business.

So, you see, there’s a small, highly successful group of online entrepreneurs who experience HUGE gains in BOTH in their businesses AND in their personal lives. And they are the who take advantage of a 1-1 mentoring opportunity when they see one, such as my Quantum Results Mastermind...

When you first join, we get on a one-on-one strategy session where I walk you thru a 1:1 income kickstarter strategy session, this alone could REVOLUTIONIZE your business – value  $2,500 alone…

1 strategy. 1 secret. 1 breakthru. 1 formula. 1 blueprint…

Just this call alone could be worthwhile your entire investment…

Remember the story of how I went from 0 to $50,000 PER MONTH?

Guess what, it was because of 1 SINGLE IDEA I discovered from a veteran online marketer as we were having lunch side by side in a coffee shop during the lunch break of a mastermind we were both attending…

Then over the next 12 months these Quantum Results Mastermind Members will grow into being some of the most advanced, successful, respected online entrepreneurs in their respective industries… 

You will hear about them as you attend my next seminar, you will see them all over social media, you will see a few of them featured in my upcoming book…

Now I’m giving you ONE Chance to get in, and at the lowest price this will ever be priced at…
It's named
Tiz's Quantum Results Mastermind
What Is The Invisible Lining To
Ultimate Time, Money And Location Freedom And Unlimited Income...?
Napoleon Hill described the mastermind as "a mind that is developed through the harmonious cooperation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task”.

When I look back at my success, remember this: the invisible lining to my success has been Masterminding, surrounding myself with players with results, income, credibility, this is the ultimate shortcut – especially when there’s A LOT of "Done With You" businesses where supposedly cash comes out on "autopilot"...

I must also warn you: I will NOT stand for any member who thinks negatively or just keeps coming up with excuses to why they haven’t reached their goal. This is a results-oriented group.

Knowledge is not power – it is only potential power. 

Power in the words of Napoleon Hill is "...organized knowledge, expressed through intelligent efforts."
No Untested Strategies Allowed
This mastermind doesn’t consist of "wannabes" who sit around and talk about untested strategies or stuff they've read "works" on an online forum, but rather, they are people in the trenches who take massive action, do the work and make decisions based on experience and results.

Every QRM member is REQUIRED to share the ideas they had MOST success with in great (yet simple) detail so that even a 12-year old can implement them. 

They must also share some of the failures they endured. To be part of this group, you have to be willing to share and if this bothers you, please don’t apply.

Fact is, one great strategy executed is worth more than 1,000 ordinary ones.

Executing on a single strategy discovered in the Quantum Results Mastermind can return your entire year’s investment.

QRM is to make life easier, not harder.

To grow your results faster, not slower. To make your successful online business more fun, not dull.

To create a lifestyle that’s extraordinary, not ordinary.

"893 Pip Profit!!"

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I closed the position for a 893 pip profit

Kevin Hazelton

"$200 In 4 Hours"

I made a profit that seems unreal using USD/CHF. 200$ in a span of 4hours it ain't bad, would definitely recommend it to any fx trader out there

Dan Kim

"215 Pips"

Alberto, I love everything about this system. I just closed out a trade with the GBP/USD when the price closed below the bottom EMA with 215 pips. Just follow the system as it is written and you can't go wrong.

Rod Leasure
How can I deliver these kinds of success stories, help people make more money in 6 months than they have maybe made in the last 6 years trading?

Fact is, I have the background needed to design a Program Of Breakthroughs because I was once teetering on the edge of total financial ruin.

I was completely frustrated and tied up in knots in my trading and I know what that’s like. I’ve been tired and burnt out and embarrassed with my income and mystified at not gaining ground from year to year…I know what that’s like.

I made it, lost it due to my arrogance and over-spending, then made it back to $38 MILLION once I had the right mentoring and support network…

The Trading for Income War Room is different from all of those other shiny-object solutions on the market—really different.

It's a new powerful, unique mentoring and trading program “Done With You” that will help you create real results from trading, one that brings in a consistent income. With the right tools and knowledge it even helps you turn losing trades into winning ones, all while eliminating uncertainty and overwhelm.

So many traders struggle to get off the ground and create consistent cash flow.

I know this first hand, I’ve made $38 million with two of the leading Forex banks. This is your key to a long-term skillset that creates results now and into the future—and by "results," I mean "profits." :)

I’m THE guy who is 100% authentic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, experienced, and proven capable of leading you to multiple, major results in the shortest period of time.
Get To Experience The 
"Quantum  Results Mastermind Effect"
A substantial reduction in stress – related to profits, losses and uncertainty, related to financial worries and pressures
Radical shifts in your results, to (finally) being able to master exactly the right kind of action plan for YOU 
Surges in self-confidence & self-esteem, feeling like the successful, confident, highly respected & appreciated entrepreneur and individual you’d intended to be
Infinitely greater control over your time, money and emotions
Renewed passion, enthusiasm and joy for your new entrepreneurial career
Total financial make-overs….from burdened with debt, overwhelmed, operating by guesswork, finding out how they were doing months after the fact – to – being firmly in control day by day, escaping slavery to debt, saving, investing, buying real estate…
Measurably greater success at getting the right customers for what you are worth in the marketplace – and comfort and confidence in getting the results you deserve for your time and effort
Finally having a consistent, predictable business that gets you all the traffic, leads and income that you can handle
Fast Action Bonus #1
3 Emergency SOS One on One Calls with Me
Ever found yourself stuck in a situation that's going from bad to worse?

Maybe you're not getting all the traffic you thought you would be getting? Or maybe the product isn't converting?

Don't know what to do? Need someone to talk to?

This is where I jump on an "SOS Call" with you to make the best of the situation and turn things around in the best way possible.

No other online business education coach or service offers this!
Fast Action Bonus #2
I Will Partner With You And Promote You To My List
As long as it's a good fit for the list and as soon as you have your own product live, I will promote it to my list and we will split the profits.

The better it converts, the more top industry leaders and JV partners of mine I can introduce you to!
Fast Action Bonus #3
I Will Donate to Charity on Your Behalf
I will donate 10% of my revenue share from the profits on our partnership to charity on your behalf.

You can join me and match my donation if you wish, it's totally up to you.

Once you start making money above and beyond your ideal lifestyle and money isn't an object anymore, I am sure you too will like to be in a position to give back and help others as well.
Fast Action Bonus #4
8020 Research Affiliate VIP Partnership License
Earn 50% Commissions - $300, $1k, $5k commissions when you refer friends and family to work with me
Fast Action Bonus #5
2 Day LIVE 1-1 "Tiz comes to YOU And Builds YOUR BUSINESS with YOU"
I will personally fly to you to a major city in your country at my expense for a full 2 days with my laptop. We will work on your business for a full 2 days together elbow-to-elbow, including filming your first promotional video.

You get to see inside out my advanced systems, my sales funnels, my psychology - EVERYTHING -  for a full 2 days, every nook and cranny...

This is literally priceless.

I have never offered this before and because there's only so many days in a month I don't think I'll be offering for much longer either so take advantage of this insane offer whilst it's still available.
Fast Action Bonus #6
BONUS: Direct Phone Access - PERSONAL 1-on-1 CALL - Tiz "Himself"
You will have my personal mobile phone number for direct, PERSONAL 1-1 phone calls my "Myself"

I am not sure I should even be offering this to be honest...

As soon as the first few charter members join I WILL HAVE to take this offer offline for my personal sanity.

I not even sure I should be offering this as I type this so if you can still read this grab this opportunity with both hands before I change my mind.
Fast Action Bonus #7
Unlimited LIVE Voxer Coaching With Tiz
I appreciate you're pressed for time too.

I appreciate you may be in the middle of sending out a promotion or may be even live with a client and need help to tell you what to do...NOW

I have the solution.

No-one else in the industry is offering this.

Honestly, I wonder WHY I am even offering this.

You can reach out to me anytime through Voxer and ask me ANY question you want.

As many time as you want.

We use a free phone application called Voxer. It's a walkie talkie app that allows the two of us to chat as needed throughout the day.

Why Voxer is better than texting, PMing, emailing, or calling :

You don’t have to disturb the person by calling them for something minor

You don’t have to let the phone ring and then wait through their voicemail recording

You don’t have to type anything out: perfect for leaving messages on the go

You can hear each other’s tone (so tough with other social media or email!)

You can share more than if you were typing—it takes 10 seconds to say it but 60 to type it

You can get your whole thought out without being interrupted

You can listen whenever it’s convenient: while driving, cleaning, exercising, etc.

You can communicate so much more easily with a group: no more “reply all” email threads!

You talk only with people you know (& possibly their friends): it’s more intimate than FB/Twitter

You can be in constant connection without burying your face in your phone or computer screen

It's as simple as recording whatever question you want to ask me  using the free Voxer app, I listen to it and usually get back within a few hours...isn't it amazing what technology can do today?

NO writing into my customer support (although Judy and Claire are amazing!)

NO needing to wait for the office to be open to call in 

NO long distance calls

NO needing to book appointments day in advance

NO having to jump through hoops to get through me...

You have DIRECT access to me through my personal mobile phone 24/7!!

WARNING: Honestly, I don't know how long I'll be able to offer this for as clearly there are only so many hours in a day...

So if you're reading this and it's still available grab this opportunity whilst you can as there's only a handful of proteges I can do this for before I have to take this Fast Action Bonus away.
Everything here is easily valued at $200,000 ...at $99,997 it is still worth the investment...
You'll Be Able To Enroll Today...
Tiz's Quantum Results Mastermind
Get 1 year of mentoring and coaching with me...
You will learn from mistakes or mentors.

Mentors are cheaper...

Get mentorship that gets results
What’s all this cost?
It's expensive because you get what you pay for in life.

If offered you the Quantum Results Mastermind Member slot to you free, you’d take it in a heartbeat. Obviously, I can’t offer it free. There’s a lot of my personal time and years worth my experience that’s been responsible for generating millions of dollars into my online business involved.
I am planning to open the Quantum Results Mastermind later this year for $75,000+ per year
However I don’t want money to be a barrier that’s going to prevent Charter Members like you from taking action and advantage of the opportunity to realize your dream lifestyle and goals.

I can make the barrier of entry so low, it would be ridiculous for you not to try it.
As QRM Charter Member, I am letting a select few Members in
Let me recap everything
 you’ll be getting with the Quantum Results Mastermind
> You'll finally get to spend time with me online in a small, intimate environment and learn from me (quit your J.O.B., have specific business goals to reach, hold yourself accountable to a higher standard, you deserve to play bigger!)

> Easily save years of trial and error (I've spent 6 years of my life, $100k invested in myself to figure this out to be at the top of my game!)

> You'll get to quickly utilise myself and my 6+ years experience as I share with you time tested strategies, "What's Working Now" (but not only) and give you the fastet, easiest path you getting your business off the ground and finally become money, time and location free. You will learn from mistakes or mentors. Mentors are cheaper. Get mentorship that gets results

Imagine, if you could achieve just 10% of what I achieved in 12 months, that would be $5,000+ per month. 

That's an extra $60,000 per year.

That's your first year, could you do more the second year?

Of course...how much could that be 2, 3 or 5 years down the line?

> You'll get to map out and implement your own J.O.B.-replacing, online business kickstart plan FAST. I'll even show you practically and in great detail how you can add an extra INCOME stream to your business by leveraging other people's money and getting a cut of the profits

> You'll get to understand how once you graduate successfully from the Quantum Results Mastermind you too can mentor and help others quit their J.O.B. and get paid for it

> You'll get to take-advantage of my 6 years at the top of the industry who's responsible for millions of dollars in online sales (once you start making good money, above and beyond what you need for your lifestyle, it becomes fun money like playing Monopoly and you too may want to start helping others).

> 3 Emergency SOS One on One Calls with Tiz "Himself". Stuck in a situation that's going from bad to worse? This is where I jump on an "SOS Call" with you to make the best of the situation and turn things around in the best way possible. No other successful mentor offers this!

> Partner With Me. I will promote your product or service. As soon as I see it's converting (no matter how many sales it made or the price), I will promote you and we will split the profits. The more profitable, the more of my trusted, close-knit high level Joint Venture partners I will introduce you to.

> I will donate to charity on your behalf. I will donate 10% of my revenue share from the profits you make from our partnership to charity on your behalf.

> 8020 Research VIP Partnership License. Earn 50% Commissions - $300, $1k, $5k+ commissions when you refer friends and family to work with me
Want more still? The top Elite membership level is...
Trading for Income War Room FAST TRACK Program
This is not for everyone. In fact it's by application only. You can't buy your want into this.

This is for those who want the best of the best, exclusive 1-1 mentorship from multi-million dollar entrepreneur with no expense spared.

But if you want to get results in the fastest possible way, then this is for you...
I am currently taking applications for a handful of proteges, and I call this program the Quantum Results Mastermind.
Let me recap everything
 you’ll be getting with the Trading for Income War Room FAST TRACK Program
> You get everything included in the standard Trading for Income War Room, PLUS...

> 2 Day LIVE 1-1 "Trade with You". "Alberto comes to YOU and Trades with YOU". I will personally fly to you wherever you are in the world at my expense for a full 2 days with my laptop, and we will trade for a full 2 days together elbow-to-elbow. This is literally priceless. 

I have never offered this before and because there's only so many days in a month I don't think I'll be offering for much longer either so take advantage of this insane offer whilst it's still available.

> You'll get your own dedicated 1:1 Trading Success Coach to help you answer any and every questions. The coach will help you get unstuck, get clarity, courage, confidence and develop capabilities so you can write your own paycheck for life!

> Unlimited Live Voxer coaching with me, Alberto personally. I appreciate you're very busy too.  I appreciate you may be in the middle of placing a trade or may be even live in a trade and need help to tell you what to do. You have a question. You need answers NOW.

I have the solution. 

No-one else in the industry is offering this. 

You can reach out to me anytime through Voxer and ask me ANY question you want. 

As many times as you want. 

Voxer is a free phone application. It's a walkie talkie app that allows the two of us to chat as needed throughout the day. 

Why Voxer instead of texting, PMing, emailing, or calling?

You have DIRECT access to me through my personal mobile phone 24/7.

WARNING: Honestly, I don't know how long I'll be able to offer this for as clearly there are only so many hours in a day... 

So if you're reading this and it's still available grab this opportunity whilst you can as there's only a handful of proteges I can do this for before I have to take this away.
Total Value: $200,000+ Easily.
Mistakes Or Mentors. Your Choice.
If accepted, membership for the Quantum Results Mastermind is multiple 5 figures per year
If money is an issue right now but are truly interested in joining our QRM Family and you have questions or concerns you’d like to discuss, let’s get on the phone.

The Quantum Results Mastermind is currently open to new members for a limited time, so take the next step before before it's too late.

I look forward to having you in the Quantum Results Mastermind family and to a lifetime business and personal friendship with you.

Dedicated To Helping You

Tiz Gambacorta

- Laptop entrepreneur featured in the NY Times Best Seller The Laptop Millionaire
- Co-founder, 8020 Research (Education)
- CEO, DVFX (Online Marketing)
- Co-founder, Obsurvey (Software)
- Landlord (London)
P.S. I know there are a lot of concerns going through your mind. Can you afford it? Will it work? Every entrepreneur who has ever worked with me privately had those same concerns. But they made the jump. They took a little leap of faith after seeing the results of others. You need to make the jump too if you want things to change in your life.  If you don’t change your situation, how are you going to improve it?

I guarantee you nobody will work harder on your behalf to turn your businessinto your Dream, your Lifestyle and help you succeed than me.

Remember, this is a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL thing for me, the money doesn’t mean much to me except that you are COMMITTED, that’s all.

I have been generating millions of dollars in revenue WITHOUT even having my own mastermind, and right now you are getting a totally unfair advantage to get in before everyone else and before the Quantum Results Mastermind membership goes back to its NORMAL $75,000 PER YEAR...

Help me help you.

Help me help you become one of my Success Stories…

Here’s a favorite quote of mine:

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

Are you ready to dare and win and triumph? If so, you need to change your business and the way you do things and I will help you. If not, you’ll continue to live in the gray twilight and never experience or know how it feels to be truly worry Free.

So, call now at  +1 888 248 1957 | +44 (0) 20 3389 7119 with any questions you have. Or if you’re ready to join now, or email tizprivate@8020research.com to get you started for 2018 and beyond…
Are you going to watch from the sidelines or are you going to get in right now to become my success story?
So, how does it work?
What will happen after your enrol?
There are 7 places are places are currently available for this opportunity.

I will be conducting interviews with prospective candidates over the next few weeks 
By completing the form, you will be paying a $100 Real Person fully refundable deposit.

If your application for the Quantum Results Mastermind is successful and you decide to go ahead, the $100 will be deducted from the enrolment fee.

If your application for the QRM is unsuccessful or you decide not to go ahead, the $100 Real Person deposit will be refunded to your card at the end of the call.

I have had many many applications submitted to work with me and I only select the most serious ones. 

This will help you get started right way with clarity and confidence. 
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Here's what you get  
when you Join
1. Forthnightly Live Online "What's Working Now" Training and Mastermind Session
2. Private One-on-One Coaching With Me...Whilst Having Fun!
3. SPECIFIC Video Training Modules on Every Key Step To Build Your Business
4. Weekly One-on-One Coaching With Me
5. Done For You Email Marketing Campaigns And Funnels
6. Personal Success Implementation Coach
7. Fast Action Bonus #1
3 Emergency SOS One on One Calls with Me
8. Fast Action Bonus #2
I Will Partner With You And Promote You To My List
9. Fast Action Bonus #3
I Will Donate to Charity on Your Behalf
10. Fast Action Bonus #4
8020 Research Affiliate VIP Partnership License
11. Fast Action Bonus #5
2 Day LIVE 1-1 "Tiz comes to YOU And Builds YOUR BUSINESS with YOU"
12. Fast Action Bonus #6
BONUS: Direct Phone Access - PERSONAL 1-on-1 CALL - Tiz "Himself"
13. Fast Action Bonus #7
Unlimited LIVE Voxer Coaching With Tiz
3 Emergency SOS One on One Calls with Me
This is simple, you will be given a private number where you can ask me any issue that you need help with. Whatever you are stuck with, I can help you.
I will respond immediately or my best person on my team, I have it all, all the resources, contacts you can imagine, every single resource you need or think of. I can hook you up.

I can’t do this for unlimited number of people, but you will get it.
Complimentary Access To All My Products, Courses & Workshops For 1 Entire Year
Anything I sell from workshops where people usually pay $500 - $10,000 per person, you get to come for free.

All the systems and coaching I launch, you get it all for free, and let’s just say since I’m planning to help 100,000 people quit their J.O.B. and achieve money, time and location freedom by December 31, 2020, I will be launching a lot of stuff and you will be Beta Access Member to all of it.

I don’t need the money, I can pick and choose who I like to work with so no egotistical maniacs, energy drainers, or wannabes need to apply for this. 

Also you should be fully informed about our policies regarding an increase in the membership fee, after the charter period expires. 

As with any good group, as it grows, we have to increase our prices. Supply and Demand.

You're being invited to join at the Charter Membership price.

When our Charter Membership slots are filled, this invitation will be withdrawn, and the price of the Quantum Results Mastermind will increase.

I can't accurately predict how high the price of membership will go - it will simply depend on the demand for the Quantum Results Mastermind's remaining charter spots.

But I anticipate that memberships after the charter period will be significantly higher.

Let me close by thanking you for reading this letter and for applying.

This QRM is a dream of mine... a dream that I hope you'll share with me.

I'm committed to creating MILLIONAIRES out of this group.

You can watch me or join me, your choice.

Looking forward to speaking to you
hello@8020research.com | +1 888 248 1957 | +44 (0) 20 3389 7119 | Unit 16, 58 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, E14 9TP London, United Kingdom | Registration #10849519.